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I’m a product of the 70’s, mother of a cute little artist and a Online Branding Strategist at

I always enjoy sharing my thoughts about anything that is related to social media, digital marketing, design, technology & life experiences.

My thoughts and experiences are here, close to my Spotify playlists and a nice cup of coffee.

My Professional Journey

Showcasing a brand, personal or commercial, on social networks can be a challenge, yet in the digital world there is a spot for every one of us.

Hi! I’m Virginia, a combination of classic and digital marketer with a focus on B2B companies of the industrial sector.

Since 2012, I’ve been managing the online presence of the Loesche Group worldwide, a German engineering firm with offices in more than 13 countries, and more recently for A TEC Group an Austrian engineering consulting firm.

In the last years I’ve also had the opportunity to lead other social media management, online branding, and re-branding projects for companies such as Go Dehp, Dehp Spa & Dehp Therapeutic, Old Town Popcorn & Candy, Co., MGR Consulting Group and DoubleTree Berkeley Marina.

Social networking opened the doors to new experiences and helped me discover and develop new skills as technology writer for Furniture Fashion, Tech My Money, and MGRBlog.

In May 2015, I opened a Social Branding Agency, Brieffin Consulting, in partnership with my best friend, adviser and a one-of-a-kind professional, my husband.  Based in Madrid, we currently cover online branding projects for B2B companies from the industrial sector as well as complete website development and personal branding projects.

Two months ago, we received an amazing invitation from Katou Wayúu for the distribution of handmade products beautifully crafted by the Wayuu communities from La Guajira, Colombia.  And so was born.

Honest communication, creativity to develop, adaptation to situations, flexibility and acknowledging people’s needs, and making strategic action plans to achieve a goal, are the five key components that I always incorporate into my day to day life as a person, and as a devoted social branding strategist, marketer and networker.

More about my professional background on my LinkedIn Page.  Let’s connect!

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