A Moment of Truth. A Moment of Honesty.

You’re always you, and that doesn’t change, and you’re always changing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.     

Neil Gaiman

Seasons change.

In the past months I have been experiencing the full force of the seasons in my body. I was not really aware of what was really going on other than feeling different, somewhat uncomfortable in my own skin, and experiencing fluctuations at all levels, mentally and physically.

Being almost 46 years old makes this an evident and natural state from the outside, but I still experienced resistance from the inside.

I am still growing up and reaching one new and important milestone in my life.

After two years of non-stop mindful training for my brain, my body, and my soul, it was strange for me to feel a loss of balance, sleepless nights, mental fatigue, and, oh well, a slight weight gain.

Feelings change.

Taking time off to relieve my new symptoms, researching to understand what my body was going through, and working on a plan (I’m all about that)  to make this new stage of my life a striving one, requires a lot of time. Having little me-time to take care of myself in the midst of work, new projects, new studies, and being a single mom, feels like time just runs away.

It’s been so long… since we last stopped.

Divorce, a very big change in anyone’s life, can also take a toll on our emotional and mental health for some time. I was one to think that I had it all figured out until two years later I discovered that I didn’t.  I found myself lost in long hours of work, and struggling between taking care of absolutely everything that needs to be taken care of on a daily basis all by myself.

Soccer Mom or Wonder Woman?

Human Mom. Human Woman

The beauty of being human, is accepting that we can’t do all we want or need to do in our 24-hour deadlines, and learning to be OK with difficult days, challenging situations, demanding relationships, and unexpected outcomes.

We still have a brand new opportunity every morning to  change our perspective, to make things right, to make things better.

This brings me back to: “I am still growing up and reaching one new and important milestone in my life”.

After taking off five days with my kid, disconnecting from the city that has kept me attached to my 70 m2 apartment, and spending the time doing nothing and anything in the middle of nature, I have been more aware of all the possibilities that await me every single day.

I now remind myself time and time again that life is not about reaching a fixed destination and every day is a new stage in my journey. This is a very liberating thought because we release the expectations that we place on ourselves about all the things that we need to be, physically, mentally, emotionally, and professionally.

It all comes down to…

No matter where we are, no matter what we do, we always have our free will and our ability to make things better for us. Nothing is final, no matter how hard or hurtful things might feel at any given moment, things always turn out for the better and we all, as humans, have the amazing ability to move on.

Every time you feel overwhelmed with your days, just stop for one minute, take a long deep breath, and remind yourself that nothing is really that important.  Especially those things that we give more importance than they really have.

Do what you can today with what you have. Be your best.

Tomorrow will be another beautiful day.

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