About Me

Mompreneur with high doses of feminine strength devoted to raising the bar on women’s midlife transformation. 

I’m a product of the ’70s, mother of a cute little artist, a Life and Career Transition Coach, and a Social Media Consultant.

In 2015 I opened a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in enhancing the social branding aspect of personal brands and industrial firms.

At a more personal level, I’m a self-made advanced level Yogini, and an incurable bookworm and 30-day challenges addict.

A four-year transformation journey has led me to create a guide to improve every aspect of my life in need of enhancement, and at any point in my life. And this is exactly what I want to share with you.


Life can be messy, unexpected, and complicated, but it can also be filled with magic and overwhelming beauty. Accepting life as it is, allows you the freedom to bend without breaking, regardless of what life sends your way.

– Cyndie Spiegel

We create our days, we create our outcomes, and for all those situations in which things are out of our control, we can create our relationship with those situations. We are offered limitless possibilities to make the best out of everything that happens in our lives.

Life is a cycle and with every change that we go through, we move into a phase of adaptation that can bring flow or resistance, determined by our level of acceptance to particular situations.

For many years I have struggled, always looking for purpose and meaning while watching my life pass by in front of my eyes in a state of making-a-living numbness.

5 years ago I was offered the opportunity to completely change my career path, brought by unexpected external influences out of my control. Or were they? It was hard and I spent a great amount of energy trying to figure out Why.

Looking back on all those experiences they have brought me here, to the place I am now, to the path of nonstop growth because life’s a journey, not a destination.

I’m here to help you find those hidden gems and turn any challenge into an amazing opportunity for you, adding a fresh perspective and giving purpose, and structure, to every step of your life’s adventure.