Growing Through The Motions, Beautifully

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”


Today is the day that you should bake that cake. And eat it!

Do you find yourself going through some days without much effort and feeling uninspired?

Well, we all get those days, don’t we? And it’s important to grow through these motions because life is full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, roses… and ivies.

Learning to accept and recognize that when we experience a 24-hour phase of uninterested behavior, it’s a message from our bodies that we need to stop. Take time off even for a few hours or a complete day. Whatever it takes, give it to yourself.

We are supposed to be enjoying and experiencing our lives to the fullest during the time that we are given to co-habit this planet earth. And we are constantly bombarded with ideas about living each day as if it was our last one.

Really??? We have today and we have no more chances of starting over, trying one more time, making amends, going back to that restaurant you loved, seeing someone you care about again, watching the next episode of that TV show that you like so much, taking a second shot at parachuting, or experiencing it for the first time…?

I like to feel hope.

Over the years, accepting the things as they come is what has enabled me to appreciate a more balanced life. Clearing off expectations is the most important lesson that I have learned because I now embrace situations, circumstances, phases, and relationships a whole lot more.

Once we realize this, our lives, and days, flow easier.

Live each day not as if it was the first or the last, live it as a new opportunity to learn a little more, to experience a little more, to be a little more, to give a little more.

Just LIVE! Come as it is.

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