The Beautiful Irony of Stability

Tornado: a twirling, narrow funnel of wind with speeds of 100 to 300 miles per hour that can damage anything in its path.

Life feels like that, some days.

Or the world, as it is today.

Sometimes it is hard to define a day as beautiful in the midst of chaos, disappointment, uncertainty, and loneliness. However, it is exactly in moments like these in which we need to learn to accept things as they come, instead of fighting and resisting them.

We are primed for control. And with every year that passes, more and more people’s control is growing stronger, and their resilience is running thin. When, ideally, it should be quite the opposite. Because the only thing that we really have control over, is ourselves.

We are not powerless, and we can definitely ‘do something’. But is this fact precisely that can be confusing at times, because we focus on changing that what we cannot change, and overlook that what we can.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

We often underestimate the fact that every day has a start and an end, and every new day brings an opportunity to make things better from what they were yesterday. Without this acknowledgment, resistance will grow steadily.

It can be challenging to maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude in the midst of difficult moments, but life cycles will continue manifesting and we will keep spinning on the wheel of life: sometimes we’re at the top and others, at the bottom.

I have never really had a comfort zone, at least not for long. Moments of passivity are a rarity to me, and even so, there are moments in my life in which I really hope that things would just stand still for a while. To experience that sense of stability.

The beautiful irony is that stability is an inside job, not an outside object. Nothing in life can really give it to you or take it away from you. We need to learn to find our self-security in a life of uncertainty.

Our lives will continue changing, that’s what we know as evolution, and all those changes are uncomfortable more often than not. Even the good things can turn out not so good, and what we perceive as bad is usually for the better.

I have given up on trying to analyze why things happen the way they do because as hard as I try, the conclusion is always the same: Who knows? We can only embrace what we are given and the experiences that we have the opportunity to live because we are not really on a race towards a destination. We are embarked on a journey.

Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Actually, “Change, is the only constant in life”. – Heraclitus

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