When Life Cycles Make You Go AWOL

I have come back again to where I belong; not an enchanted place, but the walls are strong.

Dorothy H. Rath

I’m going to start this short story today by confessing that I’ve had second thoughts about, well… everything!

When I first launched my Beautiful Days blog I had an idea in mind. However, for the past months, I went astray. Not only from my blog-article-writing commitment but also from other areas of my life.

Things have been less than common (more like ‘uncommonly weird’), and it was easy to blame it on the pandemic and its global ripples, but the truth is that I was already moving towards that erratic path months before the lockdown hit.

While I experienced all these internal – and external – changes I decided to do some research to find answers. I reached out to other people who had already been there, done that, in search of some light. I have devoted myself, for the past two years, to learn from others and I have found so much talent and wisdom down the road!

What I did find interesting, however, is how many people from my closer surroundings can feel uncomfortable around certain topics. Still, nowadays, in the 21st century, the big “M” is taboo.


Now I get why it’s been so hard for me to find the responsible for my ‘little issues’. But I found the suspect and the motive. Eventually…

Menopause – or the younger version, Perimenopause. Guilty as charged!

Just because no one talks about it, doesn’t make it less real.

As soon as I understood that I was in the middle of one of the most important changes of my life, I felt free. I stopped worrying about not knowing what was going on with me and I was excited to work on a plan; a plan to upgrade my lifestyle, my habits, my hobbies, my career interests, my relationships, my whole self.

Still… I had to go AWOL

I started to experience physical changes in my body, way faster than I expected, in addition to changes in my energy levels and my ability to work long hours non-stop was clearly affected. I felt demotivated, exhausted, slightly (or not so slightly) anxious, mentally tired, and sleep-deprived.

Just like that. Bam!

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” – Milton Berle

You know the old adage that “everything (bad) happens at once”. But let me rephrase that: “everything that feels like a catalyst for change happens at once”.

These past couple of years have been nothing but an upgrade of my old self. I feel stronger, more resilient, and definitely wiser. My energy might feel lower at times, my physical body demands other workout styles and some nutritional boosts here and there, and just recently I have managed to lower my anxiety levels and sleep a lot better… with a little help.

There is a myriad of strategies, tools, and secret (or not so “secret”) formulas to improve our bodies, our minds, and our lifestyle conditions holistically, and I’ve been willingly testing it all on myself and now I’m ready to share the goodies. “Biohacking”. I think that’s how they call it these days.

Today is another new day. Another opportunity to try new things, and be adventurous. Another excuse for improvement.

Today is just another Beautiful Day. 🌼

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