When We Finally Understand How Everything is Connected

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

Back at school two of the subjects that I enjoyed the least were Chemistry and Physics.

In those days I used to think that all the “general knowledge” imparted in those long and yawny classes – at least most of them – were totally useless because I didn’t see a connection between Physics, or Chemistry in my ‘real future’, whatever I thought it was at the time.

But with the old Chemistry and Physics studies that I completely underestimated back in the 90’s – to be fair, I was more concerned with Cheerleading practices and highschool romance and dramas – it is surprising how most of the things that I have learned in these past years, especially since I began my mind-body-spirit upgrading quest, lead me back to those two simple facts of life.

School is a 12-year brain training program.

As we all know, the brain is the most important muscle in our bodies and like any other muscle, it must be exercised on a daily basis. This is the place where all our body functions are connected and the place that the mind occupies. Where our thoughts and ideas are born and where all things are created.

We usually take everything we are for granted and we never stop to think, not even for a moment, the miracles that reside within us; the amazing machines that our bodies are, and the unlimited possibilities of our minds.

But when you graduate, never stop learning!

We cannot control the flow of life, and the outcomes of absolutely everything are bounded to our decisions and what we do on our second-to-second intervals. It sounds radical, but it’s quite elementary. Even when we sleep, we ‘produce’.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples […]?

Corinthians 6:19

Although I don’t consider myself a religious person – I do explore and take good care of my spirituality – I have come across a lot of wisdom from the Bible, among other religious and spiritual teachings, and I finally understand in a more profound way all those old sayings and proverbs, which didn’t make much sense to me only a few years ago.

With age comes wisdom. And clarity.

Everything is connected.

The energies, the frequencies, the vibrations, our thoughts, our bodies, Physics, Chemistry, the Bible, Cheerleading, romance, drama, Netflix, dogs, cats, zebras, GoT, Zen, vegan, and absolutely everything that is contained inside this majestic Universe in which we have the opportunity to have lived, be living, and will live in, and beyond.

Everything is part of a monumental plan. Whether we see or not.

Only when we understand that we are not alone as individuals, that we are connected to everything and everyone, and that everything that we do has a ripple effect on others, and in our environments, we can really start to see ourselves as contributors and be mindful of the aftereffects of our contributions.

We all arrive in good time. If we want to.

It might take a lifetime for many to open their minds to this basic concept, it might take years for others to understand and truly experience this, others might be born in it.

No matter who we are or in what stage of our learning path we find ourselves in, the only thing that matters is that we are able to arrive at this point in our lives in which we are fully aware that we all have a purpose in our lives and a road that we must travel, together.

We have the power of decision.

How we choose to travel that road is what will eventually manifest the good and the not so good outcomes in our journey. Because even when we don’t control those outcomes, we do create the experiences that lead to them.

How we want those experiences to be it’s a matter of Physics and Chemistry, and a whole lot of Love.

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