You Can’t Get More Serious Than This!

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

– Jim Rohn

Is it writer’s block, or are you just too busy to take time off for yourself?

We all have plans. Me? I’m a professional to-do list-er, a calendar block geek, and a colorful one too!

Every morning I sit down for at least 15 minutes to organize and plan my day mindfully, being aware of the number of hours that I have between my biological breaks and personal routines, and find a way to fit everything that is important to be completed within the day and be flexible with that which can take a rain check… at least for a few days and nothing will happen.

When I first launched my Beautiful Days blog I was super excited that I was finally able to get it out of the back burner and I committed myself to write at least one post per week.

It’s not really about the commitment but about the heart that I put in this project because I love it! I love writing, and although I do it on a daily basis producing content for all my clients, I can risk burning out or going through writer’s block every now and then, so “I cut myself some slack”.

I have been moving today’s post for two weeks to a good moment in the “later” spectrum. I’m glad I don’t get paid for this because that wouldn’t look good in front of my clients, but probably I would be more serious with the taking-some-time-out thing to do it and be a tad more disciplined with my personal projects.

What is Passion?

You can read a LOT of definitions out there but the one that I feel more aligned with is doing something that you love and that you could spend all your time doing without getting paid.

Today I decided to align with my passion, write about what I’m feeling right now while making my transition from postponing to doing a lot easier. And fun!

Lately, I haven’t made the time for social media posting either – on my personal accounts. We do need to slow down every now and then, give priority to what is a priority, and sacrifice or park for a little while that which can wait.

It’s Friday afternoon and I woke up this morning with the clear plan that I had to turn my day around 180º. I would find the way to give priority to that which didn’t need it and squeeze in that which does. And so far, being 16.30 h somewhere in Madrid… It. Has. Worked!

See? Getting spontaneous and twisting calendars every now and then is good for the soul… and for our creativity! After all, it’s Friday afternoon in the middle of the Summer Holidays, and there are lots of people taking the afternoon off, or the day off entirely, to spend time with family, friends and simply relaxing and having fun.

Sitting in my corner of the world, still looking ahead at more work to do once I finish writing this super light and spontaneous post, I can only say: Thank God for air conditioners!

Have lots, and lots, of fun in this beautiful, sunshiny day!

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